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30 sept. 2013

I have received an email with some very good news for you girls. 60% price in Romwe best sellers. During this month, Romwe has a number of discount coupons to spend in their store. That appears to me as an unique opportunity to get the most popular clothes of their website. For example, Romwe is a well-known online web because of having cheap and good quality leggins. Then I leave the links to the different discount coupons:

Me ha llegado un email con muy buenas noticias para vosotras chicas. Romwe pone al 60% sus best sellers. Durante este mes, ROMWE tiene una serie de cupones descuento para gastar en su tienda. Me parece una oportunidad única para hacerse con las prendas más populares de su web. Por ejemplo, ROMWE es una web online conocidisima por tener unos leggins baratos y de buena calidad. A continuación os dejo los links con los diferentes cupones descuento:

October new coupons:

Primeras buenas noticias para este mes:
Best-Seller Collection Sale, up to 60% off, 72h only! Ends on 3rd Oct.
La más amplia gama de best sellers de ROMWE.
 Y a continuación, los demá cupones para este mes

1. coupon code: Oct10off $10 off $65, ends on 10/31/2013 . code: Oct20off $20 off $110+ at, ends on 10/31/2013 . code: Oct30off $30 off $155 with code Oct30off , ends on 10/31/2013 . code: Oct40off $40 off $200 with code Oct40off at, ends on 10/31/2013 .

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